Attention, Please!

Okunion is starting a fund raising and a rice wreath agent service for 
the press conference of Taecyeon's first weekend drama production, "Very Good Days!" 

If you're a Taecyeon fan on the globe and would love to celebrate with us, then feel free to join us NOW~!!!    

▶ Fund Raising Project for Rice Wreath 
1.  Period:  Jan. 28th, 2014 (Tuesday) ~ Feb 10th, 2014 (Monday)
2.  Amount:  As much as you want ~ ^0^
3.  Account :  PAYPAL :

* Please leave a message on the Sales Board after your deposit.
* We're planning to put all the names(or nicknames) who participated in the fund raising project on the banner of rice wreath. 
   (Except the ones who choose not to.) So, make sure to leave your name in the deposit confirmation message.
* Send your love right now for the fresh start of Taecyeon's new drama.
* Rice wreath is a great way to share your love with Taecyeon and less fortunate neighbors around us.

▶ Agent Service for Individual Rice Wreath 
There are two ways in ordering a rice wreath individually.
1.  Order from "Dreame" site directly.
    English  ->
    Chinese  ->

2.  If you feel uncomfortable ordering directly on your own, then leave a message in FAQ in 
     We'll be glad to help you out~^^  

If you have any questions, please contact us @okunion on tweeter or FAQ board in  
Thank you for your support~!!!

List of Articles
No. Subject Author Date
31 [BIRTHDAY] 2016년 12월 27일 택연 생일 모금 공지 OKUNION 2016.12.04
30 [SUPPORT] 드라마 '싸우자 귀신아' 서포트 모금 공지 file OKUNION 2016.05.05
29 [BIRTHDAY] 20151227 택연 생일 모금 공지 3 OKUNION 2015.11.15
28 [SUPPORT] 드라마 어셈블리 서포트 모금 연장 공지 OKUNION 2015.06.29
27 [옥택연합] 2015 서포터즈 모집 OKUNION 2015.04.10
26 [EVENT] 유기견·유기묘 기부 공지 +日本語, English OKUNION 2014.12.29
25 [GOODS] Fan Meeting 양말판매. 靴下販売. sell socks. (CLOSED) OKUNION 2014.12.05
24 [BIRTHDAY] 20141227 TAEC BIRTHDAY 공지 +日本語, English (CLOSED) OKUNION 2014.11.28
23 [SUPPORT] 삼시세끼 서포트! Announcement of Fund Raising Project! 花輪募金案内! (CLOSED) OKUNION 2014.10.10
22 [WREATH] Fund Raising for rice wreath donation and an agent service for JYPNation concert (CLOSED) OKUNION 2014.07.21
21 [WREATH] JYPnation Concert コメ花輪募金&代行案内 (しめきり) OKUNION 2014.07.21
20 [WREATH] JYPnation 콘서트 옥택연합 쌀화환 모금 & 대행 안내 (마감) OKUNION 2014.07.21
19 [SUPPORT] 참좋은시절 !! Wonderful Days !!! ワンダフルデイズ !!!! (CLOSED) file OKUNION 2014.03.03
» [WREATH] Fund Raising and a Rice Wreath Agent Service for the press conference of Taecyeon's New Drama (CLOSED) 1 OKUNION 2014.01.28
17 [WREATH] テギョンの初ての週末ドラマ'本当に良い時節'製作発表会コメ花輪募金&代行案内 (しめきり) OKUNION 2014.01.28
16 [WREATH] 옥택연 첫 주말드라마 '참좋은시절' 제작발표회 쌀화환 모금 & 대행 안내 (마감) OKUNION 2014.01.28
15 [옥택연합] 2014 서포터즈 모집 (마감) OKUNION 2014.01.21
14 옥택연 첫 영화 <결혼전야> 단체 관람 최종공지 (마감) OKUNION 2013.11.18
13 옥택연 첫 영화 <결혼전야> 단체 관람 신청 공지 (마감) OKUNION 2013.11.12
12 옥택연 첫 영화 <결혼전야> 단체 관람 가예약 (마감) 53 OKUNION 2013.11.05
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