Attention, Please!

Okunion has started a fund raise for rice wreath donation and an agent service for sending an application to JYPE for the JYPNation concerts on Aug. 9-10th, 2014.

If you'd like to cheer Taecyeon on stage, please join us and show your love and sppoort for him NOW~!!  Fighting~ Okppas~!!!

▶ Fund Raising Project for Rice Wreath
1. Period: July 21st, 2014 (Mon.) ~ July 30th, 2014 (Wed.)
2. Amount: As much as you want ~ ^0^
3. Account : (PAYPAL)

* Please show your love and support for Taec who's working so hard as a singer and an actor.
* We're planning to put all the names(or nicknames) who participates in this fund raise except the ones who choose not to.
* Please make sure to leave your name on the "Sales Board" after your deposit.

It is a great opportunity to share happiness with not only Taecyeon but also less fortunate children and neighbors around us. Pls show your love and care for them~!

▶ Agent service for sending an application to JYPE
This is a service for Taecyeon fans who's having troubles in filling out application forms to JYPE.

▶ For those who want to send an Individual Rice Wreath,
1. First, you need to fill out an application form, get JYPE's approval, and then you can order from a rice company.

2. Here are the links to order a rice wreath individually.
English ->
Japanese ->
Chinese ->

If you have any questions, please contact us @okunion on tweeter or QNA board in

Thank you for your love and support~!!!

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» [WREATH] Fund Raising for rice wreath donation and an agent service for JYPNation concert (CLOSED) OKUNION 2014.07.21
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18 [WREATH] Fund Raising and a Rice Wreath Agent Service for the press conference of Taecyeon's New Drama (CLOSED) 1 OKUNION 2014.01.28
17 [WREATH] テギョンの初ての週末ドラマ'本当に良い時節'製作発表会コメ花輪募金&代行案内 (しめきり) OKUNION 2014.01.28
16 [WREATH] 옥택연 첫 주말드라마 '참좋은시절' 제작발표회 쌀화환 모금 & 대행 안내 (마감) OKUNION 2014.01.28
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